8 Steps to Packing the Perfect Picnic

Picture this: a warm, lazy summer afternoon surrounded by beautiful countryside and delicious homemade food. Is there anything better? 

International Picnic Day is taking place on Thursday 18th June, and while we can’t guarantee the perfect weather, the kids getting along or that wasps won’t get into your jam jars, we have come up with the ultimate picnic packing list!

Take advantage of the wonderful Kent countryside surrounding you and enjoy a socially-distanced picnic this summer.

The Kent-Teach Picnic Checklist:

1) A cool box and/or ice packs – ideal for a summer picnic to keep meat and fish dishes fresh and avoid any funny tummies. Try to keep your food cool for as long as possible (we know the temptation to show off your amazing spread of homemade food is strong but it’s best to keep things cool until you’re ready to eat!).

2) A picnic blanket – an essential item! 

3) Use separate containers – if you’re worried about soggy sandwiches and a less-than-impressive Caesar salad, why not try keeping your food components separate on your journey to your outdoor picnic destination? Salads and sandwiches can be assembled at the last minute and, better yet, everyone can choose their own fillings! 

4) Plastic cups and plates – ideal if little ones will be attending your outdoor banquet.

5) Baby wipes – not just for kids, baby wipes are an essential to prevent sticky faces and keep hands clean while eating. 

6) Anti-bacterial gel or hand sanitiser – over the past few months, hand sanitiser has become an essential for many of us. Keep germs at bay and try not to touch your face until you have access to warm water and soap after your picnic.

7) Rubbish bags – while some parks may have rubbish bins available on site, these may be harder to come by if you’ve chosen a particularly remote spot. Help to make sure you clean up after yourself by coming prepared with your own rubbish bags.  

8) A bottle opener – the kids are off playing and you’re ready to relax with that bottle of red you packed…only to find that it is cork sealed. A scenario you most likely want to avoid!

Now that you’re prepared with the essential items to pack for your picnic, why not try making one of these tantalising picnic recipes for the whole family to enjoy?

1) Chicken skewers with tzatziki – BBC Good Food 

If there’s one thing that always goes down well with kids and adults alike, it’s building your own mouth-watering finger food. Plus, with red and yellow peppers, spinach and wholemeal tortilla wraps – this one’s a crowd-pleaser as well as a healthy option!

2) Red and white potato salad – BBC Good Food

Let’s be honest, is there any point in having a picnic without a potato salad? This classic summer dish is a favourite for a reason – it’s delicious and everyone loves it! Add in some chopped pickles, onion and celery for a bit of added crunch.

3) Bruschetta Pasta Salad – Delish

Did someone say summer in a bowl? Pasta dishes are a great picnic option as they are just as yummy eaten cold as they are warm! This recipe has minimal ingredients so should be easy to make if you’re in a hurry.

4) Fruit and Nut Bars - Delish

A bit off the picnic-beaten-track, these fruit and nut bars will make a great alternative to loading up your basket with unhealthy cakes and biscuits.

But wait! Before rushing out of the door to your usual local park, why not choose from these 7 Kent Country Parks – ideal for your perfect picnic.

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