6 Ways Music Helps Your Child Stay Well-Rounded During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Like everyone else in the world, you may be feeling conflicted about the realities of the Coronavirus outbreak and social distancing. Where you are concerned for your family and especially your young ones, you are also grateful for this unprecedented time you are now able to spend with them. Think of this as an opportunity to both spend time with your children and encourage your child’s growth in unique ways. Here’s how music can help your children stay well-rounded during the Coronavirus outbreak.

1) Learn an Instrument

The era of social distancing is a great opportunity for a child to learn an instrument. They have nothing but time, and with the online world of music lessons it has never been easier or cheaper for a child to learn from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, learning an instrument is an invaluable experience that helps improve focus, determination and confidence while providing an outlet for self-expression. So, dust off that old piano or buy a used instrument online - learning an instrument would be a great use of your child’s time during social distancing.

2) Dance

Worried about your kids being cooped up and having a ton of excess energy? Music is a great way for children to stay physically active and occupied in a way that is beneficial for their minds and sleep schedules. Through dancing, your children can blow off steam while improving their motor skills and having fun. Put on some music you love and show them how fun it is, then encourage them to pick the music they want to dance to. Show them that dancing is great to do together and alone, and soon dancing will be something the whole family can look forward to while stuck at home.

3) Sing

Singing is another way for your child to come out on top of social distancing. Singing contributes to a well-rounded childhood by expanding vocabulary and improving articulation. Additionally, songs are a great way to learn new concepts (ever wonder why we were taught to sing the alphabet?). If you’re worried your child is missing out on learning opportunities while stuck at home, help them learn new words, concepts, and better speaking skills by encouraging singing.

4) Bond Over Music

Bonding over music is a great way to get to know someone, and this is especially true for parent/guardian and child. Through music we celebrate good times, make memories and share a part of ourselves that we hold dear. By supporting your child’s taste in music, you are symbolically showing them you support their identity. Take this time at home as an opportunity to get to know your kid in a better way and to encourage their individuality. As a parent or guardian, appreciating your child’s taste in music can strengthen your familial bond and demonstrate to the child that you are someone who loves them and whom they can trust. 

5) Make Chores Fun

While it may seem dismal, chores are an inevitable part of any healthy home life – and this is especially true during the quarantine. Whereas most children (and adults) dislike doing household work, it’s important to know how to do things around the house. Luckily, music helps with chores and is a great way to motivate and lift your child’s spirits even when they may not be the most excited to pitch in around the house. So, encourage your child to pick the music, and show them that music makes tedious work more bearable, and even fun.

6) Create Your Own Instrument

What better way to keep your child entertained and foster a love for music than by creating your very own musical instrument? The best part is, there are a whole bunch of instruments you can make at home using regular household supplies. Having been locked inside for a good couple of weeks now, chances are your child has gone through a fair bit of cereal. Put those old boxes to use and make a homemade cereal box guitar! 

This is one of the easiest musical instruments you can make at home. Simply cut a hole ¾ of the way down one side of the box, and wrap 3 or 4 rubber bands around the long side of the box to make some strings. You can create a guitar neck by cutting a hole in the top end of the box to fit a small cardboard tube inside, such as the kind you’re left with when you finish a roll of paper towels. If you want to get extra creative, you can even paint your cereal box guitar for a custom finish.

This article was written by Rebecca Marlow from Know Your Instrument.

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