Staying In Is The New Going Out

Many of us never imagined being confined to our houses for up to three weeks; it’s been overwhelming, stressful and emotional. Families in the UK and worldwide have experienced challenges and barriers whilst homeschooling and working from home. Keeping positive hasn’t always been easy but one thing we can all be thankful for is time spent with the family where we would normally be preoccupied with our busy schedules. 

It’s Easter this week so if we can’t get out of the house then we must get innovative and bring the adventure indoors. Take some enjoyment from doing things indoors and get inspired by our top 5 things to do: 

1) Plan a date night indoors

For many of us, this is potentially our third week indoors with our partners so we may be in need of some inspiration and possibly some romance! With fancy meals at our local restaurants being off the cards, let’s get creative and book a meal indoors. Write a menu and pop it on the fridge, cook a three-course meal, dress to impress and light some candles! You finally have an excuse to do your hair this evening and remove yourself from the couch. We all need a little pick- me- up this week, perhaps choose a theme and play some music in the background to mimic your favourite restaurant.  

2) Afternoon tea in the garden 

If the weather allows us to do so then take a trip to the garden and choose the best picnic spot for the family. Make up some sandwiches using leftovers in the fridge and bake some biscuits or cakes to add to the mix. We may be feeling slightly overwhelmed and fed up, but some fresh air and a slice of cake will work wonders! Give the kids some jobs, get them to design name cards for all the family members, it will feel like a real afternoon tea! 

3) Easter trail 

With Easter eggs being non-essentials, we may have to use our imagination and create an adventurous trail. This can be done in the garden or in the house and instead of chocolate eggs children can use balloons, PVA glue and strips of newspaper to make papier mache eggs. You can paint them in bright colours and hide them around the house with a treasure map to help them navigate their way around the house. If you’re looking for something more exciting than a classic Easter Egg hunt you can use coupons that children can redeem for things like staying up 10 minutes after bedtime. 

4) Join a virtual book club 

With more time inside = more time to read. Try a new book this week and organise a book club get together on FaceTime or WhatsApp to discuss with friends. Take this opportunity to pick up a book, you may never get this downtime again!

5) Treat yourself to a spa night 

If you’ve had to cancel a spa treatment or girly weekend with friends, you may be feeling a little stressed and down in the dumps. Create your own pampering session and paint your toenails, try a new face mask and run a warm bubble bath. If you don’t have many materials add your normal conditioner to your hair and wrap a towel around your head for half an hour or create a homemade face scrub using olive oil and salt. You may be feeling overwhelmed with home life and if you are working from home you will need a change of scenery so pop to the bathroom and indulge in some home pampering. 

Taking care of your mind and body is really important while staying at home during the Coronavirus crisis. Fitness can contribute to your overall wellbeing and mental health, find out more on our blog ‘Your ultimate guide to working out at home’.

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