5 Top Tips For Getting Your Children To Wash Their Hands

Do the children you teach need some encouragement to wash their hands? 

Do you have toddlers at home who are beginning to learn how to wash their own hands? 

We have created key tips to ensure our children are following the right steps to ensure they are minimising the risk of spreading the Coronavirus and other viruses. 

1) Make it easier for them to reach the sink 

Little ones may struggle to reach the taps on their tip toes. Provide a safe step or stool for them to easily access the running water. 

2) Create a handwashing poster with your child 

Take this opportunity to dig out the crayons and scrap paper! Create a storyboard with pictures and explain the steps of handwashing. If you’re a teacher at a school, why not hold a handwashing assembly?  Get all the children to take part in creating a handwashing poster in teams. 

3) Stick a handwashing chart on the wall

Some of us may remember using charts for toilet training our toddlers. Children love to see their progress on the wall so try and add a handwashing chart in your classroom or at home where you can monitor when your child has washed their hands. Get your child to tick the box after washing their hands and make it a competition if you are in a classroom setting.

4) Create a nursery rhyme for washing hands 

Think of a way to sing the steps for washing hands. If you run out of inspiration try using the following:

Scrub our hands with soap

Scrub our hands with soap

Scrub our hands with soap, on the top and bottom

Let’s count the bubbles together


Rinse our hands with water

Rinse our hands with water

Rinse our hands with water, on the top and bottom

Dry our hands with a towel

Dry our hands with a towel

Dry our hands with a towel, on the top and bottom

5) Show them that you are washing your hands 

Little children learn by watching what we do. They love to copy their teachers or parents therefore show good behaviour by washing your hands and talk about what you are doing and how you are doing it. 

We all play an important part in reducing the spread of Coronavirus and we must all work together to educate our children. Always wash your hands when you get home or into work and use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available. Children will need guidance and as teachers and parents we can use resources to teach our little ones how to wash our hands correctly. 

Whether you’re a teacher or parent please remember to care for yourself this week and to minimise anxiety and stress. Check out our blog ‘4 Self-Care Tips for School Staff’ to find some tips on boosting your immunity and mindfulness. 

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