Creating The Schools Our Children Need

The need to improve educational achievement has been recognised for many years yet most reforms proposed in the past have been ineffective and sometimes counterproductive. Many practices used in the past have failed and it is important to understand why they haven’t worked and how we can improve for the future.

Mr Dylan Wiliam, a British Educationalist and Professor of Educational assessment at the UCL institute of Education (USA) believes that higher levels of educational achievement are increasingly important for all students in order to take greater control over their own lives, to participate effectively in society and to find fulfilling work.

It appears that when both the costs and the potential impacts on student achievement are examined, two changes seem to produce the greatest improvement for the least cost: a knowledge-rich curriculum and improving teacher capacity.

Mr Dylan Wiliam has written a guide to school improvement entitled, Creating the Schools Our Children Need. His first-hand experience working with schools since the late 1970’s including King's College London has helped him to create his book which places focus on many principles familiar to educators worldwide. 

The book acknowledges the fact that there is not a single solution that works in every situation and in every school, however, there are factors that are proven in school success: Building a curriculum focused on developing knowledge and implementing a culture where every teacher can improve.

Mr Dylan Wiliam takes the view that schools should look to work with teachers they already have and support them in the correct way.  He considers that teaching expertise is developed with deliberate practice and teachers need an environment where they push themselves to be better, embedded within a culture where teachers embrace the idea of continual improvement. 

Mr Dylan Wiliam will be making a return to the UK this spring and we hope he will consider writing a UK based book next time.  We’d like to invite teachers and senior leaders to come and join us at Strood Academy on Monday 9 March 2020. You’ll participate in learning practical strategies for establishing and sustaining teacher learning communities that will provide support within your school. 

Teacher Training UK is an organisation committed to developing outstanding teachers. Offering training for innovative teaching and learning whilst using research and development to influence their practices. To hear Mr Dylan Wiliam speak as part of his European tour in March 2020, please visit Teacher Training UK  for further information. 

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