8 Things To Do in Kent This Autumn

With winter coats being begrudgingly dragged out from the back of the wardrobe and exclamations of “is it getting dark already? It’s only 6pm!” being uttered in every house in the UK, the colder months are well and truly on their way. 

While the temptation may be to climb into bed and hibernate until Spring, it would be a shame to miss out on the spectrum of colours and whispers of festive spirit in the air during the Autumn in Kent. 

Here are our top 8 things to do in Kent this Autumn. Coats, scarves and cameras at the ready!

1) Discover Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle is one of the most spectacular sites to see in Kent during the Autumnal months. With a stunning fortress framed with oranges, yellows, reds and greens, this National Trust treasure looks like it has leapt right out of a fairy-tale book.

Enjoy a walk around the beautiful grounds and remember to have your phone ready for some Instagram-worthy snaps!

2) Autumn at Hever Castle

Our second castle of choice, Hever Castle turns into a wonderland of colours during the Autumn. From 1st October, the Castle is at its romantic best, with vivid red ivy decorating the front of the building and the trees in the grounds exploding into colour. 

This Autumn, the Hever Castle gardening team will be running a seed collecting workshop. There will also be free garden tours and a Leaf & Seed Collection Challenge for your little ones to enjoy!

3) Autumn Tree & Animal Walk at Mote Park, Maidstone

Mote Park is one of the most popular parks in the county. With plenty of opportunity to dive off the beaten track and follow one of the winding paths and trails through the trees, the park bursts to life in Autumn. 

This year, the team are holding an Autumn Tree & Animal Walk, offering guests the chance to explore the variety of trees and animals that live in Mote Park. (The Walk will take place Saturday 23rd November). 

4) Explore Knole Park

For those of you looking to explore West Kent this Autumn, Knole Park is a popular pick among tourists and locals all year round. With beautiful grounds adorned with vivid Autumn colours and the famous deer roaming around, Knole is a great choice for the whole family.

From Halloween workshops and a conservation week to the last chance to explore around Knole’s showrooms before they close for winter, Autumn is an action-packed time of year at Knole Park! 

5) Wander Around Canterbury City

The historical city of Canterbury, while beautiful all year round, is even more charming during the Autumn months. There are plenty of places to grab a coffee or a hot chocolate and you can enjoy roaming around the city centre and watching the sun set over the cathedral. Perfect!

6) Get Pumpkin Picking!

Autumn conjures up images of fallen leaves, frosty mornings and pumpkins. If you’re looking to get your pumpkin fix early on this Autumn, why not head over to PYO Pumpkins at Belunce Farm, Medway

The farm opens in October so wrap up warm, grab a wheelbarrow and get picking! 

7) Experience Penshurst Parkland and Riverside Walks

If you’re looking for ways to get your Autumn fix for free this year, then head over to Penshurst Parkland to enjoy a wonderful Riverside Walk! 

The parkland trails criss-cross over the whopping 2,500 acres of Penshurst Place, with plenty of conker trees, views of the Estate and even a few deer dotted around.

8) Grab a bite to eat

Last but not least, Autumn is the perfect time of year to head out of the house to enjoy some fresh coffee and pumpkin-flavoured everything. With all of Kent’s towns offering places to enjoy a bite to eat and warm up with a steaming hot drink, you’ll be stuck for choice!

Whether you’re looking for a busy shopping town like Maidstone, or fancy braving the biting seaside air in Whitstable, there’s a coffee shop or restaurant to suit everyone in Kent. 

Where is your favourite spot to visit in Kent during the Autumn? We’d love to see your photos of Kent looking spectacularly Autumnal so make sure to tag us in your photos on social media!

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