How to Relax This Summer Holiday

In case you didn’t know, the school summer holidays are not just for children to unwind, relax and have fun - the same goes for the teachers too! 

It’s a time to slow down, get away from the stress and spend time with loved ones. Whether you are planning to enjoy a staycation in Kent or plan to escape and lay on a golden beach for two weeks, there is an abundance of things you can do to make this summer holiday one to remember.

It’s important to gain a good work balance during the summer holidays and allow yourself time to enjoy the break. It can be easy to spend the entire summer break marking papers, planning lessons and coming up with creative teaching techniques to keep the children's attention during lessons. But for those important moments when you do put the pencil down, here are a few ways in which you can enjoy your holiday time without even leaving the beautiful Kent surroundings.

Get outside

A lot can be said for putting on some shoes and getting outside into the big world wide world. Life can quickly pass us by if we aren’t careful and there is so much to see out there in the open. Kent is a fantastic place to live with lots of beaches, woods, parks, castles, small towns, historic towns, festivals, outdoor concerts, outdoor cinemas and fantastic views - so before your 6 weeks passes you by, make some plans, step off of the sofa and explore. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Walks and adventure trails - There are a number of wonderful nature parks and woods in Kent with fantastic walks that will keep you active for hours. Bewlwater has a brilliant 12.5 mile walk that will take you approximately 6 hours to complete! 
  • Camping - There are lots of campsites where you can go for a mini holiday in Kent. Take a look at the beautiful Kits Coty Glamping aiming to make camping life that little more glamorous.
  • Beach days - Kent is extremely lucky to have a vast number of beaches surrounding the coast line and you will not be short of things to do. Go for a lovely lunch, a well deserved swim, paddle boarding or even canoeing for an added dose of fun in the sun! Kent Life has done their guide to the best beaches in Kent.
  • Picnics in the park - There is a lot to be said for eating outside - it makes food that little bit more interesting! Prepare a fantastic picnic ahead of time and make delicious wraps, pasta dishes, rice salads, fruit kebabs and sweet treats for the perfect picnic! Discover top parks in Kent thanks to Trip Advisor.
  • Outdoor cinemas - Have a look at pop up cinema locations around Kent and London and enjoy the warm summer evenings with friends. Luna cinema has some brilliant films showing in Kent locations.
  • Local markets - Everybody loves an outdoor market when we are on holiday, but why not try local outdoor markets. Shop local delicacies, creative handmade products, fresh fruits and vegetables and support local businesses. If you love vintage products you will love Faversham Market.
  • Historic castles - Discover the 10 most amazing castles in Kent. It can create a lovely day out whether on your own or with friends and family. Take a picnic and enjoy the day with loved ones.

Enjoy the great indoors

Of course we have days where we don’t want to leave the house - and why need to? 

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your free time without stepping foot out of the front door. After all, we spend a lot of time away from the place we like to call home, so it can be equally as important to spend time at home relaxing. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bake - Baking can help unwind the stress of everyday life. Plus, it makes you feel amazing when you receive comments about how lovely they are! Buy Whole Foods Online has some great, easy-to-make recipes you can try.
  • Get cooking - Invest in a recipe book and cook some delicious meals for loved ones by holding your own ‘Come Dine With Me’ evening with friends. 
  • Watch a movie - Enjoy movie nights snuggled up with friends and family in cosy blankets and comfortable cushions, along with delicious, warm popcorn and your favourite treats.
  • Enjoy your own company - Practice yoga or mindfulness at home or read a book in your garden. All of which has a fantastic way of invigorating the mind and bringing you closer to nature.
  • Get active - It doesn’t need to be strenuous. Find something fun that you enjoy, invest in a DVD, grab a glass of water and off you go. The luxury of exercising at home you can take it at your own pace and stop when you need to.
  • Find your inner child - As we grow older we lose sense of our inner child but it is important to tap into who you used to be once in a while. Try drawing or colouring, bake cakes, pop on some music and have a little dance or play board games with friends - Think back to what used to make you smile.

These ideas should help you enjoy your summer staycation and allow you to achieve a perfect work-life balance during your free time here in Kent. There are so many ways to enjoy staying at home during the summer holidays, we just need to soak in the stunning surroundings and enjoy the many things that we are so lucky to have on our doorstep.

Looking for inspiration for ways to get active and have fun this summer? Check out our list of 10 Sports to Try This Summer.

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