National Share-a-Story Month 2019

Organised by The Federation of Children’s Book Groups, National Share-a-Story Month has been running annually since 1974 and is all about sharing stories and providing opportunities to bring children and stories together. There are events organised up and down the country each year with a chosen theme, which in 2019 is ‘Looking at Travelling Tales’.

Who Are ‘The Federation of Children’s Book Groups’?

Back in 1965 Anne Wood (responsible for children's television classics such as: Teletubbies, Brum and Rosie and Jim to name but a few!) created the first Children’s Book Group, by 1968 more and more people from up and down the country had joined the group, so the federation was created to link all these together. With 23 groups now part of the federation, it has grown considerably over the years.

The federation have been the driving force behind various national children’s book events in the past 50 years, including:

What is happening this year?

In 2019 the theme for National Share-A-Story Month is ‘Looking at Travelling Tales’, which opens up a whole range of topics from Trains and Buses to your journey through life. Or perhaps if you can come up with a real out of this world story, a journey through space and time!

How can I get involved?

For anyone looking to get involved in National Share-a-Story month you can join in by holding story sharing sessions, art events, craft sessions and cultural activities. How about holding one of these events in an unusual place like a railway station or around a marina? Great travel related places to get the mind racing with inspiration!

You can find out more and find some useful resources for National Share-a-Story month by visiting The Federation of Children’s Book Groups website.

If you want to receive more information from The Federation of Children’s Book Groups, you can become a member of their federation and receive regular updates of what is happening in the federation. You can also become a member of one of their local groups and network with other members. Currently we do not have a Children’s Book Group in Kent, however if you are interested in starting one why not get in contact with The Federation of Children’s Book Groups by emailing them at

Get in touch and let us know how you are celebrating National Share-a-Story month by emailing us at or connecting with us on our social media channels. We’d love to receive your stories of what you are doing and share these with our members.

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