10 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

It is always is a good time to evaluate your energy use and reduce your energy consumption to help save the environment, as well as the money in your bank account.

The most important thing you can do to save money on your energy bills is to find out if you are in the best energy deal for you. The Citizens Advice Bureau have created a handy energy price comparison tool to help you find out if you are on the best deal and find information on how to switch supplier. Once you know that you are on the best energy deal, or have switched to a new supplier, you can make further savings with these simple tips:

1) Research new smart technology to help you manage your heating on the go. Although there would be initial outlay to purchase devices, you can make big savings in the long run. There a variety of tools available such as Hive or Nest.

2) It sounds simple but turn the lights off when you are not using them. Experts predict that this simple measure can save up to £14 per year. 

3) Turn off appliances at the plug to save a hefty £30 a year. You can also install smart plugs which can be operated from your phone to help you turn off all your plug sockets on the go. So no more going back in the house to check you have turned the hair straighteners off!

4) Wash your clothes at a lower temperature. According to Money Supermarket, washing at 30 degrees rather than 40 can save up to £52 a year.  

5) Buy draught excluders to place by your doors to keep out the cold. You can also hire a professional to draught-proof your windows, doors and floors if your house is on the chilly side.

6) Switch to energy efficient light bulbs. Halogen, CFL and LED light bulbs can use between 25-80% less electricity than traditional bulbs. 

7) Cut your shower time. By reducing your shower by just 1 minute, you can save £7 per year. Multiply this by each person in your house and you’re onto a money-saving winner.

8) Turn down your heating thermostat, a small decrease of just 1 degree can save you money. Better still, add an extra layer of clothing and you may reduce the need to have the heating on in the first place!

9) If you use a dishwasher then don’t pre-rinse your crockery in hot water, let the dishwasher do its job and just scrape the plates before loading instead.

10) Don’t overfill your kettle and just boil the amount you need. This simple way to save energy can save £7 a year on the electricity bill.

Although these changes are small on their own, they all add up to make big savings. Have you got any of your own energy saving tips? Get in touch and share these with us.




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