How Does Your Mental Health Influence Your Work Performance?

Most likely you’ve heard about or discussed the topic of mental health online or with trusted family and friends, but how can mental health influence your performance at work? Many people in the UK are faced with the effects of mental health issues in their daily lives but are also forced to face those challenges in the workplace. There is no uniform identity for mental health issues, and how those issues affect a person differ greatly - sometimes resulting in a variety of obstacles that can hinder the potential success for many.

Take a look at’s infographic below to learn more about the signs of poor mental health and the influences that are prevalent in the workplace.

Mental Health in the Workplace

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Maintaining a positive mental wellbeing is vital for education professionals and learning how to relax after work is vital. If you struggle to unwind after school, then take a look at these 8 relaxation tips from Mind. 

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