Kent is Leading the Way for Affordable Housing for Teachers and Educators

Commuter towns are becoming the affordable alternative for living and working in the City of London, with Kent’s jurisdiction leading the way in housing, transport, and value for money. The growing affordability of Kent has also made it a hotbed for new families, and there is a growing demand for educators across the county. 

Getting your own home 

Thanks to the technological revolution, finding, viewing, and buying a home has never been easier or cheaper. The introduction of 360- degree virtual reality tours - most of which don’t require any form of virtual reality technology, just a phone, tablet, or computer - has made it far simpler to really hone in on the properties you want to view in real life. If you’re planning on relocating for your job, taking virtual reality tours of potential properties can save you hours in time. 

On top of this, technology has allowed the physical sale of properties to be easier, and therefore, cheaper. You can now buy a house entirely online, and even mock up your full interior design before you get there. In some locations in Kent, property prices are falling and owning your own home is now a streamlined and affordable option for many young professionals moving out of London, and from all over the UK. As commuter towns in Kent continue to grow, so too does the job market.

Opportunities for employment

Commuter counties like Kent are home to more than ten different districts, all varying in levels of socio-economic status and requirements for education. As the population in Kent continues to grow the demand for educators rises. Kent provides many employment opportunities and offers plenty of affordable housing. Individual councils provide information on their affordable housing projects and options, so teachers working in the county can finally get on the property ladder. 

Creative freedom like no other 

Being a teacher is a creative form of employment, and thanks to the same technology that made buying a home easier, there are more resources online than ever to support teachers with their lesson planning and marking. Now is the time to jump on the property ladder, before the rest of the country catches on! 

So, you have found your dream home, now it’s time to get to know Kent. Here are our 5 top tips to help you settle in and make the most of all 'The Garden of England' has to offer. 

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