Benefits of Gardening and Outdoor Living

With the summer holidays well and truly in swing, lots of children and families are spending more time together, doing the things they enjoy.

While some may be jetting off for a bit of much-needed relaxation, many of us are keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground here in the UK. In fact, if it’s tranquillity you’re after, you only have to go into your back garden. Research has shown that by spending time outside and undertaking simple gardening activities, people can reduce their stress levels, and even improve their mood and self-esteem. Many activities can promote mental wellbeing for all ages, such as planting wildlife-friendly flora to attract butterflies and bumblebees, to creating a quiet garden spot for relaxation.

Gardening also promotes healthy eating in children and adults, it’s an easy activity for the school holidays and educates kids about how food is grown. Studies have found that the average child only spends 16 minutes per day outside, and less than 25% of kids meet the recommended daily level of physical activity. Digging and playing in the garden promotes increased levels of exercise, and helps kids use their imagination and creativity. Fun activities such as building a scarecrow or a nature treasure hunt will even encourage the most technology-obsessed child outside.

The visual guide below by Kettler offers more great tips on using gardening as a tool for improving physical and mental health. It gives instructions and tips on how to grow your own vegetables and plants, promoting a cleaner, greener and happier lifestyle.

Kettler Guide to Benefits of Outdoor Living

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