Learning at Work Week 2018 - Networked for Learning

This week, 14th May to 20th May 2018 is Learning at Work Week, the biggest festival of workplace learning and we are getting involved in the celebrations! Learning at work week has been an annual event during May since 1999 - 19 years! It aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work. With this year's theme being Networked for Learning, you can get involved in any way that adds value to your workplace and organisation.

Throughout this week, we will be celebrating in many different ways and want you to be involved as much as possible. You can join us with:

A week of carefully curated TED Talks, each providing helpful insights on networking - it's value, reaching outside of your work-world and connecting with those who think differently from yourself. Other topics include strategic and serendipitous networking and how to have better conversations as a networker.

A new blog every day from the Kent-Teach community of bloggers. Each of our bloggers will speak about what learning means to them, their views on learning and continuing their own education, networking, learning strategies and more. Each blog will be released at 8am, each day this week; so make sure to not miss those!

Posting on social media, how you can start learning at work or something new that you could try and learn; both personally and professionally.

A pre-recorded webinar from Summer Macer, Schools' Personnel Service on planning your development; helping you to take control of your learning and advise you on how networking and it's reciprocal benefits can support this.

You can view Summer's webinar here:

Do you wish to view this webinar as a transcript? Please view this PDF: Learning at Work Week 2018 Presentation Notes.pdf (1.5MB)

Make sure to get networking and follow Summer on Twitter! With advice like this in her webinars, Summer is always sharing fantastic information that you can learn from.

If you want to keep in touch with Kent-Teach on social media and get involved with everything we mentioned in this blog, you can find us on:

You can also follow Schools' Personnel Service to get involved with their activities, as well as other activities for schools that they are running at the moment!

We hope that your Learning at Work Week is a good one and hope that we can inspire you to continue life-long learning as an adult. As well as looking after your wellbeing, you will be setting a fantastic example for all the children that are around you every day!

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Learning at Work Week 2018 Presentation Notes.pdf (1.5MB)
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