Easter #KTGiveaway – Congratulations to Our Winners!

This Easter, Kent-Teach ran 2 competitions where people that visited our website and our Facebook page, were able to win tickets to visit 2 different Kent castles during their half term break.

The first competition was a thrilling Easter egg hunt, which ran between 29th March and 3rd April. We asked everybody we could, to come to the Kent-Teach website and locate the fancy Kent-Teach Easter egg; and we had a great amount of people getting involved! Lots of people found the egg too – which is just what we wanted! Our winner was picked at random, and we announced it at 10am on 3rd April, via live video, on the Kent-Teach Facebook page. You can see the winner announcement below:

As well as the Easter egg hunt, we ran our Facebook giveaway which we do every school break! (Make sure you’re following the Kent-Teach Facebook page to enter next half term.) All you had to do to enter was comment on our post, telling us what else you have been, or would be getting up to during the school holidays. This giveaway ran between 3rd April and 5th April, with the winner being announced at 10am via Facebook live video on 5th April.

It was fantastic getting to know you all a little bit more, seeing how you had been treating your families to days out; or perhaps helping them enjoy their time away from school! The winner was picked at random, as are all our competitions and you can see the live, winner announcement video below:

Thank you to everybody who got involved this half term, and make sure to like the Kent-Teach Facebook page (and turn those notifications on!) to be notified when our next Facebook giveaway begins, over the first weekend of the May half term! 

In the meantime, if you’re still looking for fun, family friendly activities that you can do with your little ones, (or not so little ones!) then take a read of this Kent-Teach blog, on things you can do during the Easter break, 2018.

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