Using Word Clouds in the Classroom

It can sometimes be difficult for children (and adults too) to see all of the amazing qualities and characteristics they possess. We’ve found a great idea for a lesson plan which gives your students the opportunity to broaden their vocabulary, whilst giving and receiving kind comments to and from their peers. 

In terms of ease for you as a Teacher, it’s a perfect plan. All you’ll need is a simple worksheet containing each student’s name, with space provided next to each name for a descriptive word to be added. Include your name too, because we could all do with a confidence booster from time to time!

The only rule that needs to be followed is that the word you choose to describe your peers is unique, positive and only one word can be repeated twice - after all, we want your students to broaden their vocabulary and this is a great way to do so.

Once the sheet has been filled out by each student, find a Word Cloud Generator online (there are so many available and are super easy to use) and create a word cloud for each one of your students. To make them more eye-catching, you could try using a variety of font sizes, styles and colours. If there are words used more than once, emphasize these by making them bigger.

Here are some websites you could use to generate your Word Clouds:

When all of your students have a finished Word Cloud, why not print them out or even frame them before putting them up on your classroom wall? Each day your students will see them and be reminded of all the positive qualities their peers recognise them for and each day this will boost their self-esteem and confidence. What an excellent way of jazzing up your classroom and making it just that bit more personal!

Once you have put this Word Cloud lesson plan in to action, we would love to see pictures of the work up on your classroom wall! Let us know how you get on via email:

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