Our Top 5 Blogs of 2017

Welcome to 2018! Last year absolutely flew by, and we don’t want you missing out on the best blogs of 2017, so we’ve compiled a list of the ones that the entire community enjoyed the most.

1) How to Master Body Language 

Kaylee White from Salesforce showed us how to master our body language, and explained how up to 90% of communication is non-verbal. Have you ever spoken to somebody not making eye contact with you, speaking way too fast and with their arms folded? How awkward was that experience for you, even when visualising it in your head? Positive body language is an essential part of being an effective communicator, you can find out how to master it here

2) Things to Do in Kent for FREE!

This one is perfect for January... When you're feeling low and staying home because you had an expensive holiday period, you can always rely on the fantastic freebies that Kent has to offer. We walk you through 11 things you can do for free in Kent, to make sure that you take in all it has to offer, and have a fantastic time out with your friends and family. Nobody wants to be stuck inside, so try out the trails that the Garden of England has to offer. Click here for all the super fun freebies!

3) 6 Benefits of Getting Fresh Air

You may have noticed that after you’ve spent some time outside, you feel much better about yourself, much happier and ready to be productive. Getting out in the open means you’re opening your body up to more oxygen, vitamin D and exercise. You can find out 6 more benefits of getting fresh air that may inspire you to go on an adventure! 

4) Improve Your Wellbeing with Kent Rewards

As if teaching in Kent wasn’t rewarding enough, Kent Rewards makes it even better with employee benefits that help you if you’re KCC staff; including working in KCC maintained schools and academies. You can find out how to start receiving shopping discounts, get on the Cycle to Work scheme and even receive help with childcare by reading this blog!

5) International Literacy Day – 10 Classroom Ideas

Did you know that around 1 in every 6 adults in the UK struggle to read and write? Every year International Literacy Day is celebrated on 8th September to “promote literacy as an instrument to empower individuals, communities and societies.” We want to help you bring the celebrations in to your classroom, so check out these classroom ideas that gives your students the opportunity to become pen pals with somebody across the world! Find out more here.

Those blogs from 2017 are the ones that you guys read the most! We’re looking forward to a 2018 full of wellbeing, fantastic body language and classrooms full of pen pals; we hope you are too. Perhaps you’re also looking out for our planet this year, our oceans are facing a crisis full of plastic, and we hope that you’re able to get involved and make a difference! 

In this blog you can find out 10 tips that will help you to start reducing your plastic consumption today!

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