6 Ways to Reduce the Calories Consumed in Alcohol

We are all aware that alcohol is pretty bad for you; it can disrupt your sleep pattern, is linked to a host of diseases and can even cause you to break out in spots. But have you ever stopped to think how many calories are in your drinks? Once you start to look into this the facts may surprise you so to get your facts in check during Alcohol Awareness Week, read on to discover how many calories are in your favourite tipples:

That bottle of wine chilling in the fridge after a challenging day at school seems a lot less appealing right? Here are some easy ways to reduce your alcohol and calorie consumption: 

1. Add soda water to wine to make a spritzer.

2. Measure your spirits at home rather than pouring “by eye”.

3. Drink a non-alcoholic drink in between alcohol, ideally water; this will help prevent a hangover too! 

4. Swap full fat mixers to diet alternatives. 

5. Order ice in your glass, the ice will make your drink cooler and you may drink it more slowly.

6. Give yourself alcohol free days; not only will this mean you consume less calories, it will prevent your body building up a tolerance and you will give your body time to recover from any negative side effects.




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