8 Tips to Settle in your New School

Congratulations on landing your new teaching role and for making it through the first week of the new school term! 

Hopefully the nerves have died down a bit now. No doubt you want to carry out your job well as first impressions are important. Check out these 8 tips that are hopefully still relevant and helpful during your first month of your new teaching role: 

1) Develop a new morning routine

Following a routine that you can enjoy certainly contributes to your overall happiness so ensure you have one in place. This could be as simple as ensuring you don’t skip your breakfast every morning. Perhaps an early morning workout may interest you which will help energise and prepare you for the day ahead. If you are usually short for time in the morning then even just a few minutes for ‘you time’ can still be effective. (Here are 10 freezable recipes to ensure you never skip a meal)

2) Dress appropriately

You would have most likely visited the school during the recruitment process so you should have a general idea of the dress code. Most schools are similar in terms of dress style so judge it how you see appropriate. If you are unsure, it may be wise to dress smarter the first few days and then gradually tone it down as you settle in and learn more about the school. 

3) Arrive early

As you likely know, turning up late to work especially during the first few weeks is not good. You need to give yourself plenty of time to prepare so you are ready for teaching and not flustered. It has been said that turning up too early isn’t a good idea either, however being in a school is different as you have your own space and you already have a plan for the day to crack on with. So in my view, arrive as early as you like so you have the time to do some final preparations as well as time to relax before the fun starts! 

4) Get to know the children 

Getting to know the children in your class is hugely important as it will help you build relationships with them and help build respect. Find out what their favourite hobbies are, do they enjoy reading? How big or small is their family? Learning about them will not only help learn their names but also show you have taken an interest in them. All of which will ultimately make them better listeners when you teach.

5) Go to the staff room

Always try to visit the staff room during breaks as this is the time for you to get to know your colleagues and for them to get to know you. Don’t get stuck in your classroom; I know it may be more peaceful at times however staff will want to welcome you. Regular breaks are important so ensure you have the right balance throughout the day. Even if you want to finish some paperwork before the next lesson, the staff room is a must when you can. Plus, there’s usually a selection of refreshments, snacks including cake so why wouldn’t you want to…! 

6) Identify three goals for your new job

These goals could consist of learning the school policy, learning the children’s names within the first week/month, attending one staff event each term OR visiting the staff room at least once in your day, you could even request to observe other teachers as part of your Continual Professional Development. Choose goals, big or small, to help you stay focussed, enjoy and make the most of your new school.

7) Embrace the change

Things are going to be different from your old job, whether you have had a career change or changed schools, approach your new school with an open mind and get ready to soak it all in. Ensure you understand the way things are done in the school and be patient with yourself as you get to grips with everything.  You may have a lot of information thrown at you but rest assured it will get easier the longer you teach there so don’t panic and don’t be afraid to ask for support whether it be from colleagues at your new or old work. The first term will fly by before you know it.

8) Be yourself and enjoy!

Always be yourself, enjoy the fresh start and meeting and working with new people. Remember, real heroes don’t wear capes, they teach. The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. And finally, the influence of a good teacher can never be erased.

We wish you the best of luck; be prepared and enjoy!


Hired, 2016

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