Why I Park Run

Running is one of the best forms of exercise; it can make you happier, healthier and also counts as a form of meditation as both requires patience, determination, consistency, and practice. 

I’ve been waiting for this time of year to come; when it starts to get milder and the sun is out more. Running is not so fun when it is pouring down with rain and freezing cold. Saying that, it rains a lot still in spring but a least it’s not zero degrees (or close to!). 

I keep myself motivated by attending weekly Park Runs organised by Park Run UK. These 5km Park Run events are free to join and happen every Saturday morning at 9am, all over the country and in different countries too! If you are keen to meet new people, keep fit and stay motivated then do a Park Run – you don’t have to be a pro, it’s suitable for all abilities. 

I often run the Whitstable Park Run as I enjoy running along the sea front but there are thousands to choose from; I have attended the Brighton Park Run also. All events are run by volunteers and the atmosphere is always positive and friendly with likeminded people together who love to run (maybe ‘love’ is too strong a word but they certainly enjoy the event). 

The great thing about Park Run is there are people along the route that motivate you and cheer you on. If you like to aim for a good finishing time then you will love the markers too! This is where a number of runners volunteer to complete the course in a specific time and they wear bibs with the time they are running the course in. These are brilliant if you like to push yourself and aim for a time to complete the course in. 

The markers always motivate me to run faster; one week I promised myself I would take it easy and not  push myself too much… it didn’t turn out that way. Once I started and saw the 26 minute man, and then the 25 minute runner, I couldn’t help but push myself and ensure they didn’t over take me once I had got in front of them. I felt a great sense of achievement afterwards which is the reason why I enjoy these events.

Check this list and see where your closest Park Run is. 

If you are interested in taking up running, or you may already regularly run but find it difficult to motivate yourself, then here are some tips to get you started and keep you going.  

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