10 Top Tips for Video Interviews

Video interviews are used to filter candidates at an early stage, more so if you are not yet local to the school you have applied to. They are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to phone interviews as more information can be gained than over the phone. 

However, video interviews can be more difficult in terms of building a strong rapport with interviewers so how can you come across well during one? Below are 10 top tips to help you avoid the common pitfalls of this increasingly used approach to recruitment: 

1) Choose an appropriate room setting – Ensure the room you are in is tidy; a blank wall behind you is best so interviewers focus solely on you and don’t get distracted by items in the room. If you are unable to video call at home, you could use a public place but ensure you inform your interviewer of this so they are aware if there are any distractions. 
2) Sit in a position that gives you the best light – Two lights on either side of your screen is best as this will eliminate shadows and ensure you are well seen.
3) Position the camera right – Most of us talk with our hands and body as well as use facial expressions. Ensure the camera has a shot of your head, shoulders and hands so the interviewer has a good shot of you. 
4) Give the right body language – It is more difficult to build a connection with a person via video than in person. Eye contact, sitting up straight, smiling, shoulders back, opening your chest; these are all important actions that will contribute to building rapport with your interviewer. When you speak, also lean in to the camera slightly. 
5) Speak clearly and be sincere – ensure you match the tone of your voice with your words so you show sincerity when you speak e.g. enthusiasm if you are excited about a topic etc. 
6) Wear smart interview clothing – the interviewer will only see you from the waist up so you could wear pyjamas bottoms with a smart shirt however, you’ll likely feel more prepared if you wore complete smart attire. It is also best to be on the safe side as if you get up from your seat unexpectedly to grab something from the other side of the room, they may not be impressed if you are in casual bottoms. 
7) Carry out a mock interview – this is an excellent way to improve your interview skills. Ask a friend to carry out a video mock interview and pick two things for you to improve on for next time. Focus on practising actions mentioned in point 4.
8) Ensure you know the name of your interviewer and login early – this will show you are well prepared and will avoid any potential embarrassment – punctuality is important and will start the interview off well by simply being on time. 
9) Use reliable technology - preferably use headphones and a microphone to avoid any sound issues. This will make you sound clearer and show you are well prepared.
10) Don’t panic if there are technology issues – When you begin the interview, firstly check with the interviewer that they can hear you well enough. Worst case scenario, if you experience technology issues, tell them immediately and either suggest using a phone for the audio or rearrange for another time. It may be a technical issue on their part so don’t fret. 

Best of luck with your interviews and please get in touch with us for further advice. 




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