Advice on Securing your First NQT Role for Sept 2017

Congratulations trainee teachers, you are part way through your teacher training year. We hope you are getting on well and I’m sure you are learning a considerable amount! 

Have you begun your job search on to secure your first teaching position in September? 

I know it seems early but schools like to snap up strong NQTs quickly for September so they start advertising from January onwards. In light of this, we recommend you begin searching for your first role now. 

January to April is the busiest recruitment period for NQT positions. That’s not to say there won’t be any vacancies available later in the year as many schools will receive resignations by 31st May and so more will likely come up after this time too. You shouldn’t rely on last minute resignations though if you can help it. It is always better to be proactive and by securing a position sooner, this will provide you with reassurance and stop you panicking last minute as the summer beckons. 

It is important not to rush your application and if you aren’t sure about the school then perhaps it’s not the right school for you – that’s right, it works both ways. 

We strongly recommend that candidates visit the school they are intending to apply to as you will learn more from visiting. It may strengthen your application form as the school can put a face to your name and will more likely remember you when sieving through applications. A school visit is an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions about the role too so don’t hold back. Show your passion for teaching; your visit alone will show you are a keen candidate. 

When completing your application, you will either complete the online form on Kent-Teach or the school’s own application form. Ensure you follow the Person Specification and show how you meet each point with examples (most schools attach this document to their adverts). The Reason for Application on the online form will allow you to write this here. For support with this section, you may find this article useful on producing a strong Reason for Application

The Person Specification will help you structure your application nicely and it makes it easier for schools as most use this document to mark applications. If schools have not provided a Person Specification then there is no harm in contacting them to find out if there is one and asking for pointers. 

If you have any questions then please get in touch with us on 03000 410203 or email We can offer further advice based on your specific situation.

We wish you the best of luck applying for your first teaching post and if you would like to share your teaching and training experiences on our blog page then we would love to hear from you. 

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