Our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2016

These were your most favourite blog posts to read last year. Some of them are from previous years which goes to show how relevant the posts remain.

Carry on reading to find out if your favourite Kent-Teach blog post is in the top 10!

1. 12 tips to beat exam stress

This infographic continues to be our most popular pin on Pinterest so it’s no surprise it’s the number one viewed post. 

2. Scary things to do in Halloween 2016

Who knew Kent has so many horror fans! Turns out you lot love a good scare as our Halloween events post takes second place. 

3. Dare to Dream: Teach in Kent

With over 800 schools in Kent, there are a variety of settings and age groups which means there is plenty of opportunity to move around. No wonder it’s our top 3. 

4. Improve Your Wellbeing with Kent Rewards

As Kent County Council employees, you have access to Kent Rewards which include shopping discounts. I can imagine this one is going to be a firm favourite around this time of year.

5. Behind the camera to front of the classroom

Hayden swapped his life working in film to become a teacher after volunteering in his old primary school. And at number 5, needless to say, his journey into teaching resonated with you, 

6. Ofsted and e-safety: updates for September 2014

A post by our KCC E-Safety Officer on the School Inspection Framework that Ofsted published in 2014. It was essential reading as guidance by Ofsted on how schools can demonstrate good e-Safety practice. 

7. How to secure that teaching job #KTChat

This is the extremely useful write-up from our Twitter Chat containing valuable information on how to approach job applications and interviews with advice provided by Headteachers and one of our SPS HR Consultants. Very relevant if you’re currently job hunting!

8. Your CPD in Kent 

Another post which is particularly relevant right now as it’s a good time to be considering your CPD and where you would like to take your career. Check out the new School Improvement CPD programme for 2016/17

9. International Literacy Day 8 September 2015

10 ideas to mark International Literacy Day in the classroom which can be used each year.

10. 01 Online Safety within Ofsted’s new “Common Inspection Framework” from September 2015

An update on the previous Ofsted e-safety article. Good to see how vigilant you are on matters concerning e-safety.

So there we are, our top 10 most viewed blog articles in 2016. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog posts and we look forward to writing more this year. 

If you would like to be a guest blogger or have any suggestions for blog post topics, please get in touch.

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