10 Top Tips To Make The Most Of Your Christmas

1) Save money on wrapping paper

Instead of expensive Christmas wrapping paper, why not buy brown parcel paper and spruce your presents up with Christmas ribbon, for the ‘charmingly old-fashioned yet on-trend’ look. 

2) Roast the perfect turkey

Although a Butter Muslin is used as a fine cheesecloth to drain soft cheeses, it is also the secret to a perfectly succulent roast turkey. Soak the material in a bowl of melted butter and drape it over the turkey before it goes in the oven. This will make the turkey lovely and moist and will also crisp the skin. 

3) Choose your top 10 Christmas cards

Writing Christmas cards can be overwhelming, especially if you have a long list. To avoid the stress, pick out the 10 most important people to send a card to and put the others on the back burner. Better than, you could just send your friends e-cards instead; this way is quicker, cheaper, less hassle, better for the environment and, any money you save, you could donate to charity. 

4) Amplify music in a glass

Don’t have speakers or can’t find them? Try listening to music on your phone with it sitting in a glass or jar. This will amplify the music brilliantly, almost as good as real speakers. 

5) Recycle tangled lights

So, you get your decorations out of the loft to put up around the house, only to find the fairy lights are near to impossible to untangle. Rather than spend hours untangling them or even throwing them out, bung them in a clear vase or bowl and you’ll have yourself a lovely new light. 

Or, if your lights are battery powered, find a plant pot that is home to some attractive plant leaves, entwine the lights in the soil and you’ll create a magical soft glow beneath the branches.  It may be best to check if your lights are waterproof first!

6) Soften ice cream instantly

Here’s a quick tip… Heat a knife under the hot tap or dip an ice cream scoop in a cup of hot water so you can dish up your desert with ease and it will look better on the plates too. This is what the top chef’s do.

7) Don’t waste time with the sellotape with this trick…

Wrap your presents with minimal hassle by slipping a paper clip over the end of the tape so you never waste time again scrabbling around to find the end of the tape – oh how annoying this can be!

8) Use up leftover Christmas pudding

Do you normally have Christmas pudding leftovers that end up in the bin? Or you may fancy a change from what you ate on Christmas Day? Why not make a delicious Boxing Day treat: Christmas pudding rolls. These are simple; all you need is the leftover Christmas pudding and shop bought puff pastry. Roll out the pastry, cover half in Christmas pudding, fold pastry over and cut into equal sections. Pop into the oven for 20 minutes at 200C/400F/Gas 6 and job done. ENJOY. 

9) And for next year…

To avoid the nightmare of untangling Christmas fairy lights next year,  wrap them round a coat hanger or a piece of cardboard this time when taking them off the tree. 

10) Save money

Remember, young children don’t value gifts based on how much you have spent on them, some kids are more interested in playing with the wrapping so why not focus on the more cost effective gifts – you could save hundreds of pounds! 

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