The Ultimate Work Dos and Don'ts Christmas Party Guide

We are almost at the end of term and it feels like it's time to let your hair down and PARTY! The Christmas spirit is waiting for the party animal in us all to be unleashed. To help your party go without any HR hiccups we have drawn up a do’s and don'ts to avoid the pitfalls of the Christmas season.

Do: Join the party

You should get involved as it shows that you're part of the team.  Even if events outside of work horrify you, it is great to build relationships and share the party atmosphere.  You don’t need to stay for the duration - just have a drink and mingle - who knows you might just enjoy it.

Don’t: It’s not all about you

You want to make an impression and give a little shout out about yourself so that people can discover that you're a human outside of work but don’t think that you need to revisit your last 3 summer holidays including photos and stories. Make sure you spend as much time asking questions and listening to others.

Do: You better get dressed to impress BUT!

You don’t have to wear that suit and tie but make sure you have fun with your outfit - there is no harm in reindeer ears and tinsel but keep the hemlines long and the neckline high - it is winter after all. 

Don’t: Hog the mistletoe

A little cheeky line up to kiss the boss on the cheek under the mistletoe is harmless but keep those boundaries professional OR you will be seeing those 'Christmas kisses' in January with your list of apologetic excuses and embarrassed faces.

Do: Elfie Selfie

Make sure that any photos are ones that you would show your Grandma and keep them private - the children really don’t need to see them on Christmas morning on Facebook or Twitter. It may be very tempting to take a snapchat of a colleague a little bedraggled at the party but keep them to yourself to share in the staffroom once you have their permission.

Don’t: Bah humbug!

Keep those work issues and bad vibes to yourself - you don’t need to spread Christmas grouch around the team, pack it in your Christmas sack and open in the new year with a fresh hat on.

Do: Keep calm and stay classy

Limit the drink intake to a level that you can hold a conversation without slurs and embarrassing stories starting to be shared around the school. Share the bubbles to celebrate the holiday season and have fun but remember you might have work the next day, so keep a level head.

Don’t: Bring your phone as your plus one

Leave the phone alone! Use this time to speak to colleagues and show you are interested by forgetting your friends for the night - leave them to monitor Facebook!

So you’re ready! Dress to impress, enjoy the party, but remember the HR ghost of Christmas past…. You don’t want him knocking on your door! 

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