RHS sow seeds of inspiration at Science Teach Meet

If you were lucky enough to join Bethany School’s Science Teach Meet, we hope you had a fantastic time! For those of you who weren’t able to make it, here’s a write up on the event which originally appeared on the Bethany School’s website.

On Thursday 10th November, World Science Day, Bethany School were lucky to be given the chance to team up with The RHS to provide a twilight session to science staff from local schools. The evening was very successful with the group learning new ways to inspire their pupils with plant science.

Activities saw the teachers learning techniques for cloning varieties of plants, from garden herbs to exotic specialties, as well as exciting new experiments that will ensure teenagers across Kent are learning biology in fun and modern ways.

Attendees enjoyed watching Christopher Young and Emma Griffiths who led the workshop, with feedback at the end praising the duo for ‘making the activities engaging and demonstrating them so enthusiastically’.

The evening was clearly effective, as teenagers across the county are soon going to be going blooming mad: Teachers who took part said that going forward, they would use this new knowledge to ‘Incorporate plant-based activities when teaching biology’, ‘Carry out propagation with the pupils in the eco-club’ and ‘Increase plant science based activities within the science club’.

Bethany has been working alongside the RHS as part of the Bethany has been working alongside the RHS as part of the Campaign for School Gardening, which inspires and supports schools to provide children with gardening opportunities to enhance their skills and boost their development. 

The RHS are looking for more schools to take part in twilight sessions such as this, so if you would like to host the team at another school, please contact Sarah McEwan at RHS Wisley.

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