7 Things to Be Grateful For

It's good to want more from life but sometimes it's important to be grateful for the things we have and often these things are free. We have come up with a list of 7 things that we are fortunate to have even if some of them can be double-edged.

1. Tomorrow

Tomorrow is like a restart that happens every day. If you are having a bad day, there’s another chance to try again. And if it’s been a great day, the positivity will carry through to the next one.  Live in the moment and look forward to tomorrow!

2. Memories

A happy and beautiful memory can make you feel warm and fuzzy. They’re great when you need a pick-me-up but don’t just sit there and reminisce, get out and keep making wonderful memories.

3. Choice

There have been studies on how too many choices (especially when shopping) can make you feel stressed. Here are some solutions to help with your shopping choices. But without the freedom of choice, we would not be able to chase our dreams. 

4. Change

Sometimes change happens when we’re not ready for it and other times we’re the instigator. Change may not come across as a positive thing at the beginning but it can make you re-evaluate your situation. If anything, it will take you off cruise control and prompt you to take charge and embrace it.

5. Challenges

We all need challenges in our lives. They push us to be better and teach us how much more we can be. Start small and see if you can eat a raspberry jam doughnut without licking your lips!

6. Help

Help is always there, we just need to ask for it. And we should be there to help others too. You don’t have to face your problems alone.

7. Mistakes

It would be really handy if everything went well all the time but that’s not life, and deeper learning can come from our mistakes. It’s okay to feel bad and what you learn from the experience can be invaluable for the future.  

What things are you grateful for? Share them with us.

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