Teacher Training via School Direct

There are 2 types of School Direct Training, Salaried and Tuition Fee. Both programmes are school-led teacher training programmes where the school works closely with a university or a School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) consortium and both of which are able to certify successful trainees.  

The School Direct Salaried route is aimed at high quality graduates who wish for a career change and have at least 3 years work experience in any field. These individuals would be paid on the Unqualified Teacher Pay scale. 

The School Direct Tuition Fee route is based in a school, but the school is not the employer. The training would be more similar to traditional teacher training in universities or colleges and tuition fee loans and bursaries are available for this route.

How do I apply?

You can search for Teacher Training vacancies here and look for Primary, Secondary and Further Education vacancies using this tool.

For September 2017, UCAS Teacher Training programmes opened on the 18th October 2016.  Therefore, if you are interested in starting Teacher Training via School Direct, we would advise that you start thinking about your application now and submit this as soon as possible as applications are accepted on a first come first served basis. 

UCAS advise that some subjects fill up quicker than others so if you are interested in pursuing a Teaching career in Drama, History, Primary Teaching or PE, you will need to consider applying as soon as possible; the spaces are capped on a first come first served basis. You should also check that it is still vacant with each individual placement before applying.

You apply through UCAS via Apply 1 by registering for an account and going through their online application process. You can also track your application online as well.

Top Application Tips 

Once you’ve made your decision and checked your placement is still available you need to write your application, but how do you write a successful application that will get you the role? Here are a few tips to get you started:

1) It’s important to make sure you tailor each of your applications to your subject or the programme you are applying for and show why you have chosen to pursue a career in teaching.

2) Always focus on your passion and enthusiasm as this goes a long way and can help you secure the post at interview.

3) Get some work experience- teaching is a profession that really values work experience with children. You can gain this by contacting local schools or libraries directly as they normally have their own volunteering policies. Alternatively you can access loads of great volunteering opportunities here.   

4) Always be honest on your application as you may be asked about parts of your form at interview. 

5) Attend an open day- lots of schools encourage applicants to visit the school before or during the application process. This gives you an insight into the school and shows your commitment to the profession and the school, which will help strengthen your application considerably.

Perhaps you may be interested in ‘Securing a Teaching Assistant role’ to gain current experience and give you an insight into teaching. 

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