5 Interview Tips to Help You Get That Job

Very few of us like interviews, you’re in a situation where you’re so close to getting this amazing job and it’s slipping away because of your nerves get the better of you or you haven’t prepared enough. 

Avoid extra stress by not leaving it to the night before to do all the prep and get a good night’s rest. Learn some breathing exercises so you can relax when you feel the nerves start creeping in. Here are 3 breathing exercises for you to try. Don’t be afraid of doing the exercises just before your interview. 

And here are 5 tips to help you have a good interview.

1. Learn your interviewer’s name

If you are able to get this information before your interview then try to remember who you are talking to on the day. Try to use their name when you thank them at the end of the interview. 

2. Take your time

It is okay to use some time to consider the question before answering. You may need the question repeated or would like to ask a question to confirm what was asked. Avoid giving one-word answers or talking too much.  You may feel like getting out of there as soon as possible but this is your chance to prove why you are perfect for the job. Make the most of it.

3. Try to enjoy it

You may enjoy interviews as much as you like going to the dentist but it doesn’t make a good impression if you come across as being too nervous. If the breathing exercises didn’t help before the interview then try to imagine the situation as meeting new people who are interested in you because that is pretty much the truth. You’re there because they want to get to know you and it's also a chance for you to find out how you would feel working there. 

4. Prepare questions

Always try to have at least one question and make sure the answer to that question isn’t already available on their website or it is something you should know. This is a chance for you to add that cherry to the icing on the cake. Ask a question which can show your knowledge and intelligence.

5. Be authentic and honest 

Rehearsing answers can make you end up sounding like a robot even though it’s a key part of preparation. Try to sound natural on the day and let your personality shine through. If you are nervous you can clear the air by apologising for being nervous. Be honest, if you don’t know the answer to a question, there is no point trying to pretend you do and making something up. But you can explain how you might go about answering it. So be yourself.

If it doesn’t go well, it’s not the end of the world; there are going to be other opportunities. Learn from your mistakes and channel that into the next interview. Always ask for feedback as this is invaluable information.

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