Why I think it’s the best job in the world...

Being a teaching assistant is the most fantastic job. It's challenging, emotional and most of all so very rewarding, you definitely get out what you put in!

Every day is different from working in class alongside the class teacher, to taking out groups of children and watching them develop, learning new things from those tricky times tables to tying their shoe laces, and feeling a sense of achievement that you have contributed to their journey and taught them things that they might not have otherwise known. 

Being able to gain a child with particular SEN trusts was a real highlight for me, we had a child who was a selective mute who was also EAL and after several weeks playing games, puppets, singing and dancing, she grew enough confidence to begin to speak to school adults, a small achievement in the grand scheme but massive for her.

In my school I supervise one morning break a week and a 30 minute lunch break where I run an activity for the children. This works really well because the children are all involved in one of the activities and it gives me time to get to know other children within the school. The children are heavily involved in the decision making for the activities so there is always something for everyone; this can range from basketball to nature walks in our wild life area.

Being lucky enough to have the time to get to know the children as individuals, their likes and dislikes and what makes them tick is one of the best parts of the role for me. There are not many jobs where you can make such important connections and influences with people and on their lives. There is no greater feeling than watching a child reach a goal they didn't feel possible be it behavioural, social or educational.

Being a Teaching Assistant is not just a job, there are so many avenues to develop and progress. I decided to put myself through my NVQ level 3 while I was volunteering as a TA. Since I've been employed I have been a on vast amount of training, some of these include: First Aid Training (which is kept up to date), Child Protection, Better Reading Partnerships (a program we use daily within our school), Klicker5, Diabetes Training, and many more.

Really, I think it's the best job in the world. I feel that no matter how stressful life gets as an adult, or what side of bed you wake up on and how much you want to just pull those covers back over you, once you are there, there is never a day that goes by in school where you don't smile or laugh out loud at something and feel glad you went in. Where else can you say that about?

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