World Population Day - 11th July 2016

Did you know that in 2016, the world population is 7.4 billion, initially growing at 80 million per year? Scenarios show that if this trend continues, by 2050 the human population will reach 9.2 billion. 

The 11th of July might be an ordinary, monotonous Monday, but since 1989, the United Nations, has marked it as ‘World Population Day’. Globally, this date invests time and, needless to say, energy in focusing attention on the urgency and importance of population issues. 

With the world being confronted to a host of major population problems, merely stemming from resource availability, political and economic instability, there needs to be a day dedicated to raise awareness before we face future crisis. As Whitney Houston once said, “I believe the children are our future”, in which schools and colleges globally should be very responsive to ‘World Population Day’.

This year’s theme is ‘investing in teenage girls’. Around the world, girls in marginalised, ethnic minorities or in poverty stricken areas are faced with challenges such as being forced into marriage and motherhood at a very young age, leaving behind their education, thus damaging future prospects. 

For those girls who stay in school, there is still not enough awareness of their health, human and reproductive rights, which is prompting illness and exploitation of young women. Education is key to stabilising world population. When girls have access to education and equal participation in the work force, they won’t be forced down this path.

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