Mental Health Awareness Week – Resources

Below is a short video with a powerful message… 

“Depression isn’t always obvious... Everybody is fighting their own battles”.

The Mental Health Foundation over the years has helped generate public debates around how anxiety, sleep deprivation and exercise can impact mental health. 

Mental Health Awareness week (16th-22nd May) this year focusses on relationships and aims to increase recognition on the importance of strong and healthy relationships with family, friends and/or partners. 

Can you spend more time being present with and listening to friends, family, partners and colleagues? 

Relationships are fundamental to our health and wellbeing and it is believed that in order to improve our wellbeing, a greater focus on the quality of our relationships needs to be encouraged. 

The video relates to a person struggling with depression and it gives the message that it may not be obvious who is struggling with mental health problems. People deal with issues differently and some are not as vocal as others or not as willing to seek help.  

The Mental Health Foundation provides useful resources to improve a person’s mental health and wellbeing. There are 10 ways to look after your mental health and these are listed below:

  1. Talk about you feelings
  2. Keep active
  3. Eat well
  4. Drink sensibly
  5. Keep in touch
  6. Ask for help
  7. Take a break 
  8. Care for others
  9. Do something you’re good at
  10. Accept who you are

The above may seem like a lot to change if you don’t exercise these options already, however, to make it easier, you could complete one action at a time and see how you get on; this may motivate you to try more ways. 

Starting new habits like the ones mentioned, will contribute to making you feel better relatively quickly. All of which will help you overcome those daily stresses and enable you to cope better in stressful situations.

Below is a list of mental health resources:

Mental Health Foundation 

SANE – a UK wide charity working to improve quality of life for people affected by mental illness.  

Time to Change – “England’s biggest programme to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination” 

Together For Mental Wellbeing – “People that use our services are at the heart of everything we do” 

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