7 Positive Things To Do Over the Easter Holidays

*Updated APRIL 2021*

Teachers, you made it to half term! In between lesson planning, munching Easter eggs and relaxing, you might be searching for some fun activities to fill the time. Have a go at these 7 positive things to do to make you feel you've made the most of the Easter break.

1. Hug a tree

Although lockdown restrictions are starting to ease, a lot of attractions still remain closed. But, local green spaces and walking trails remain an appealing option. Tree huggers had it right all along! Nature is great for our mental health and as the weather improves, take some time to go on walks and make the most of the beautiful Kent countryside. Find a walk near you. 

2. Get lost in a book

Bookworms, you will not need any encouragement to indulge in some reading time! Literature choices are endless and there are books to appeal to everyone. Books are the perfect opportunity for a spot of escapism. If you are looking for some inspiration, then look no further. Our blog post The Wonderful World of Books is the perfect place to start searching for your next read. . 

3. Get Green-Fingered

Spring is the perfect time to get into gardening! Whether you have a sizeable garden or a balcony, gardening comes in all shapes and sizes. Plant some spring bulbs, sow some seeds or simply buy some ready-to-go flowers and place them in pretty pots. You could even venture into growing your own fruit and vegetables. Give it a go; you will reap the therapeutic rewards as well as feeling a strong sense of satisfaction. Our '5 Reasons to Take Up Gardening' blog will tell you more about the many benefits of gardening.