Spring Into Spring!

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According to the meteorological season, spring starts on the 1st March each year. The cold weather seems to have a firm grip but the longer daylight hours are making it feel distinctly less like winter.

Spring is an incredible season of renewal and rebirth and because of this, different cultures have been celebrating it throughout history. With the Easter break coming up, it is an ideal time to start thinking about how to put a bit of spring into your life.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Spring Cleaning 

Not a revolutionary idea but this is the time to think about those big jobs you avoid most of the year. Some will argue that we should be cleaning these areas regularly anyway but if you’re not an avid cleaner, like me, this is the perfect time to dust under your bed, clean your fridge and oven, and clean inside your kitchen cupboards.

2. Declutter your stuff

I am guilty of owning too many things I don't really use, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. In 2014, a hugely popular book about tidying and decluttering by professional cleaning consultant, Marie Kondo, tried to change the way we looked at our belongings. Instead of asking if we need or use an item, she suggests getting rid of everything that doesn't ‘spark joy’. We should only be surrounded by belongings that gave us joy. 

Any unwanted items can be donated to charity. Don’t forget the loft, storage spaces, kitchen and bathroom cupboards! Here are some tricks to keep your clothes organised.

3. Declutter your life

It is just as important to review our lives and see what we can declutter. Tired of complaining about work when you’re with colleagues? Try changing the subject or suggest constructive ideas. Too busy doing things that other people want to do? Only say ‘yes’ to things you really want. By creating space in your life, you'll be opening up for things that matter more to you. Take this opportunity to start living life the way you want.

4. Grow a plant (or keep one alive)

We may not all be keen gardeners but it doesn’t stop the less talented ones amongst us trying to keep a plant alive. Various studies have shown there are health benefits to having house plants. Here are 15 houseplants that can improve indoor air quality and 20 plants that can help to clean your home.

5. Grow yourself

Learn something new like a language or a sport. Start walking more, start reading the first page of a book you’ve always wanted to read, it’s the ideal time to do something new.

If you made any New Year’s resolutions but weren't able to keep them going then this is the time for second chances. Just because you weren't successful earlier in the year, it doesn’t mean you can’t give them a fresh start. Determination is the key.

6. Spring clean your finances

You can use an app or a good old fashioned spreadsheet to track your spending. Money is hard to make, so spend it wisely. Got a gym membership but you're not using it? Cancel it or start going. Buy a coffee every morning on your way to work? Start making your own and take it to work in a flask. Throw away a bag of salad every week? Stop buying bags of salad and find other ways to get your five a day. And do you really need another black shirt? 

Ask yourself whether you really need to buy an item and look at ways to not waste money. Food is one of the easiest areas to reduce spending, read our blog post on how to eat well on a budget. Maybe you’ll save enough for a holiday at the end of the year or start a rainy day fund. 

7. Self-renewal

Like nature around us, it’s time to start shedding the grey and brown winter and let your green leaves and flowers come out. There is nothing you can do to change the past so choose to release any guilt and regrets from last year and stop allowing these things to affect you. Learn lessons and start rebuilding. 

8. Come out of hibernation

Wouldn't it be great to be a bear, sleep all through the winter, miss the cold and wake up fresh for spring? During winter, it’s hard to find the energy and enthusiasm to go out, see people and do things. It's now spring (or almost), so creep out of your hiding place and get yourself outside!

Do you have any rituals for spring you would like to share with us?

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