National Storytelling Week - KLZ Storytime Resource

As it is currently National Storytelling Week, we thought it would be timely to remind you of the ‘KLZ Storytime’ collaboration site. On the site are the recordings from our live storytelling sessions that have been held in the past. Please feel free to play the videos of these recordings to your classes or maybe set them as homework with some related questions for the pupils to answer to make sure that they listened!

These stories can be incorporated into your lessons at any time of the year of course. KLZ subscribers can access these resources as often as they like without further charges. Look at the list of collaboration sites at and find ‘KLZ Storytime’.

If you would like to find out how to record stories yourself then call the EiS Service Desk and ask for the KLZ team. Look out on Kent CPD online or the KLZ blog ( to find out when we host the live readings that schools can join in with.

For any more information please call the KLZ team via the EiS service desk.