Maximising your School's Recruitment Potential by Updating your School Details

Did you know we have 93,000 registered members on Kent-Teach? That’s a substantial number of potential applicants that could be interested in working at your school. One of the first insights applicants have into your school is your Kent-Teach profile page. So are you promoting your school in the best way possible?

By ensuring your profile page is up to date, you are increasing the appeal of your school, giving candidates as much information to make a well informed decision about applying to your vacancies.  In a competitive market by simply updating your School Details page and taking advantage of all of the information fields it could go a long way to ensure your school recruits the right staff.

Here’s how you can ensure your profile page is up to date:

1. Ensure you have completed the following:

Details: Don’t discourage applicants by displaying outdated information. It takes a short time to update these important details so ensure you do so when necessary. 

Description: We recommend you write between 1 to 2 paragraphs about the school to really enhance the page and allow users to learn about the qualities that make your school special. This information is pulled across to all vacancies you advertise so you only need to complete this field once.
To edit these details, login to your School account and select School Details along the top bar. 

2. A picture paints a thousand words

Adding school photos to the School Details page personalises it and makes the page more interesting, visually appealing and helps give insight into your school. Photos provide a snapshot to what your school is like and the exciting activities the children participate in. 

You can upload up to 10 photos so you can display a variety. Simply hover over School Details, select Photo Gallery and follow the steps. 

Meopham School have utilised the page efficiently by including sufficient information in the Description field and taking advantage of the photo upload, see below: