10 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas shopping can be quite stressful when you’re trying to find the right present. A recent study found that almost two out of three people receive a gift they don’t like for Christmas but are too polite to ask for it to be exchanged. A quarter of these people would take them to charity shops and one in eight would sell them online.

You’re not going to get it right every time, one of the ways to avoid this would be to ask people for a Christmas wish list. Whilst this does take some of the excitement away, at least you know it’s wanted.

If you're still looking for inspiration, here are 10 present ideas to get you started. For those who want that personal touch, there are some handmade gift ideas, which are also good craft projects for children with supervision.

 1)      Personalised gift vouchers

Give someone a voucher with a difference. It can be a lunch to be redeemed, a homemade three-course dinner, a shoulder massage, washing up for a week, sitting through a series or film they’ve wanted to watch for a while, it can be anything that would be appreciated by the recipient. You can also have fun designing a voucher.

2)      Edible food gifts

From festive cookies and fruity jams to luxurious truffles, your friends and family will be pleased to have some Christmas goodies to get them through the season. With jars and ribbons aplenty, there’ll be lots of ways to make your edible gifts look festive. Have a go at these recipes.

3)      Personalised Scrabble Rack

For this stocking filler, you need some scrabble racks and tiles which are available online and some glue to stick the tiles on. Make one with the recipient’s name or a motivational word. You can even buy this gift online to save yourself time.

4)      Handmade jewellery

Sometimes you can’t find the exact piece that you’re looking for in a shop so why not make a one of a kind. Find out how to make a jewellery gift

5)      Make your own gift soap

Making soap is easier than you think and you can really get creative with the fragrances. Here are some instructions on how to get started.

6)      Make a shopping bag

Since shops have started charging for plastic shopping bags, why not make one as a gift. You can buy material to suit the person and it's a simple project for people who want to get into sewing. Here are some patterns to get you started. For a more challenging project try a makeup bag.

7)      Make a scented candle

Scented candles can be quite expensive to buy so how about making them instead. You can choose the scent and colour to suit the person. They make fantastic gifts, especially for the winter season. Here are instructions on how to make scented candles.

8)      Make a photo album

People don’t really print photos anymore, which is why it might be nice to create a photo album as a gift. Buy a nice notebook or photo album and choose some great photos to print from a holiday or just everyday snaps and remember to write some lovely messages!

9)      Memberships and gift cards

If they’re into art, films, the theatre, going to National Trust properties, you can look at gift cards or memberships to fuel their hobbies and interests. Check that they don’t have a current membership already.

10)   Charity gifts

These meaningful gifts can be anything from buying animals for a community, stationary for children, lifesaving mosquito nets, to adopting an animal. Gifts like these can make a real difference to the lives of the people that need them. This is a great option for someone who already has everything they need.    

If you're feeling particularly crafty, here are some more handmade gift ideas.

Give the gift of volunteering this Christmas. Here are ideas to help you volunteer or give to others less fortunate than yourself at this time of year. 

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