8 Kind Things to Do for World Kindness Day

*This blog has been updated for 2020*

World Kindness Day is supported by Kindness UK, a independent, not-for-profit organisation which aims to encourage kindness and for it to become a part of our everyday lives. The day falls on the 13th November each year to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. 

This year, being kind to others, ourselves and the world around us is more important than ever. A lot of people will be struggling with the news of another lockdown, so why not spread some joy with a few random acts of kindness?

It’s not too late to get involved; any kind gesture big or small can make a difference and will make you feel good too!  Here are some random acts of kindness that you could do to get involved and make someone’s day:

1) Arrange a virtual catch up with a relative or friend

Although we've lost the ability to meet up with relatives and friends in person, it's important to check in with people during this difficult time, especially those living on their own. 

2) Surprise a friend

Why not send flowers or chocolates to a friend you haven’t connected with in a while? This random act of kindness could bring a big smile to their face.

3) Cook a meal or order a takeaway for an elderly relative or neighbour

At this time of year, and especially in the current circumstances, a hot meal can make all the difference. Take the time to prepare a meal for a relative in a support bubble, or why not order them their favourite takeaway? This is a great way to spread the kindness while minimising physical contact.

4) Give to charity

Any donation large or small will be welcome!  Pick a charity that means something to you and you will feel great for having donated too.

5) Smile at a stranger

Heading out for your daily exercise or food shopping? We live in a busy world and tend to stride along, head down – no eye contact. Take time to look at the world and people around you. Smile at the people you pass by, a smile from a stranger could be just what they need!

6) Support local businesses

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on small, local businesses. This year, why not see if you can buy a few Christmas presents from a local shop if they have an online store? Or, if you live near an independent pub or café, why not phone for a takeaway meal?

7) Set up a virtual movie night with a friend

Who says you need to be in the same room to enjoy a film together? Arrange a time to video call a friend and watch your favourite film! Popcorn encouraged...

8) Be kind to the environment

Kindness doesn’t have to be just directed at other people; be kind to the environment by walking or cycling to school rather than driving or make an extra effort to recycle or pick up litter.

If you or your school want to get more involved, why not take a look at the Mental Health Foundation for inspiration.  Don’t worry if you have missed World Kindness Day – Kindness can (and should) happen all year round not just today.

We can try to make a difference with one smile, one gesture or one small act of kindness at a time. If you find yourself struggling during this challenging time, read this blog Finding Peace in a Frantic World from Kent Mindfulness Coach.

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