Face your Fears Week

Social situations can be hard for people to face, particularly those with a different presence to what’s considered the norm in society; some find it difficult to cope with staring, comments and questions from the public.

Changing Faces charity was formed in the UK in 1992 to promote a culture around confidence, positivity and acceptance. They provide support for professionals in health and social care, education and employment, as well as support those who have a condition or injury that affects their appearance.

Changing Faces will support you in facing your personal fear during Face your Fears Week, from the 12th – 18th October. This aims to help everybody in the UK to overcome their fears whilst raising money. Whether you are afraid of spiders, heights, public speaking etc, this campaign aims to help give you the strength to overcome your fears.

For information on how to get involved in Face your Fears Week, visit the following page to register:-


Further information can be found below:-


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