One World Week – Hope in Action

The 18th – 25th October 2015 is One World Week which aims to inspire a culture of hope to build a more equal and peaceful world. 

One World Week is a development education charity that believes that if we come together to learn about injustice and inequality then together we can be encouraged to do something about it.  Whilst events take place all year round, this week in October is an excellent time to encourage more people to get involved in order to:

  • work together to care for the earth and its resources
  • take action for justice, equality, peace and fullness of life for all
  • build relationships of mutual respect that cross boundaries
  • run local events that celebrate the diversity of our communities.  

This week is an excellent opportunity for schools to take part; find out more on their website where there is also plenty of resources available for schools to get involved.

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