Driving a Twitter Culture in School

Did you know there are around 100,000 estimated educators using twitter around the world? That’s 99,000 people in the education industry you could connect, share and collaborate with outside the classroom. Pretty powerful stuff!

Virtual connectivity can be a great tool to use in school. Here’s how you can create a more connected culture in your school:

Practise what you preach

There’s no point telling people to do something you aren't doing yourself. Get yourself on twitter and get tweeting!

What’s your twitter handle?

Start thinking of your twitter handle as part of your contact information. Display it in your signature alongside your contact number and email address.


Take some time to interact with your staff’s tweets. Is there anything you could favourite, reply to or retweet?

Pick a hashtag 

The # is no longer just a button on your keypad, it’s a tool you can use to showcase your school’s achievements. Why not pick one for your school for your staff to use? You could then display a feed of the tweets in the staff room using Tweetbeam or Visible Tweets.

Social Media Training

Communicating, recruiting and staying safe online has never been easier with Kent-Teach's Social Media Training. Book onto one of our courses to understand how you can make better use of social media in your school. 

Twitter Chats

These are great for staff collaboration. Pick a theme, a day of the week and time and let your staff know about the chat. Get the staff to pick the weekly topic. 

By telling your story in school, it might inspire others to do so too. Do you have a school twitter culture? Let us know in the comments below.
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