International Literacy Day - 10 Classroom Ideas

Even though we live in a country where education has been compulsory since 1880, about one in six adults in the UK struggle to read and write. Worldwide, 775 million adults are illiterate and two-thirds of them are women

International Literacy Day is on 8 September and it is a great opportunity to celebrate literacy and raise awareness in the classroom. Here are 10 ideas to inspire you to organise an event for your class. 

1)       Ask the students to think about why literacy is important and have discussions in class.

2)       The class can work in groups to research literacy rates and problems in different countries and present their findings to the rest of the class, and then the class can discuss ideas to overcome the issues.

3)       Find overseas penpals for your class using websites like PenPal Schools and TIGed. 

4)   Read short stories from different authors around the world and encourage discussions.

5)   Have groups in the class design a campaign to promote literacy using posters, leaflets, and video. 

6)   Hold a readathon at your school to help raise money to go towards literacy programmes. 

7)   Get students to design the front cover of their favourite book and share it with the rest the class along with a talk about the book and make a display.

8)   Ask students who speak other languages to show the class how to say and write ‘hello’ and other words in their language and the class can talk about any similarities and differences there are with English.

9)   Give each student a letter of the alphabet and ask them to choose a word in the dictionary they don’t know and design a poster to explain it, using it in a sentence and drawings to show what it means.

10) Get your class involved with a literacy organisation and their projects, here is a list of international and UK based reading/literacy organisations.

Here are some more resources for International Literacy Day.

Keep us posted on the events you are organising to celebrate World Literacy Day, we would love to know how you are celebrating with your class!

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