The Night Before the New School Term

Twas’ the night before the new school term and all through the house, bags were packed, lesson preparations were completed and post it notes were intact. 

Wow. Did the summer holidays fly by this year? It feels like only yesterday we were kicking back on a sun lounger staring out at the Mediterranean Sea with a cocktail in hand, a million miles away from the classroom. 

However you spent your summer holiday, we hope you enjoyed your much needed break. Tomorrow morning however, you will be back in the classroom which has been cleaned, spruced up and eagerly awaits the fresh faces of this year's new pupils.

The night before your first day back is riddled with excitement and nerves. You ponder what joys this year will bring and how the constantly changing education landscape will affect your classroom management, lesson planning and strategic goals. 

The first day back at school is as bright and shiny as the spark of new year's day, filled with pizazz, zing and hopeful resolutions: 

“I will ensure I leave school by 5:30pm everyday” 

“I will set aside time for marking”

“I will visit the staff room every day and interact with staff I don’t usually”

“I will give myself one day a week where I don't think about school”  

"I will take part in at least one staff social event a term” 

...and so on and so forth…A synthesis of tenacity to make this your best school year yet and wishful thinking!

Whilst we mourn the end of the summer holidays, the endless TV marathon watching, spa days, beer garden fun and catching up with friends who are certain you drop off the radar during term time, we remember how lucky we are. Not only do we have the honour of being a teacher working with a fresh set of minds that will flourish, we remember that teaching is one of the only professions where every September you are given a fresh start (and a fresh set of stationary).  

So, it's the night before the new school term, and you can finally nod off knowing that the "back to school blues" don't need to be beaten because you work in an inspiring organisation with brilliant colleagues and wonderful pupils.

Goodnight and Good Luck!

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