10 Ways to Have a Productive Holiday

Do you find you have so much to do over the holidays that you often just don’t know where to begin?! Below are 10 useful ways to have a productive holiday:

1) Take some chill out time for yourself

The holidays are a great time to recharge your batteries and take some time to do something you want to do for yourself, even if it’s just to read a book or catch up with friends - anything non-housework or job related!

2) Cut back on emailing

Checking emails can easily eat up your time if you aren’t careful and before you know it, you don’t have much time to pursue those more productive things that you had planned. Set aside a certain time frame each day for checking emails, and once your time is up, continue with them the following day.

3) Take advantage of the mornings

Don’t sleep your days away; get up early and complete jobs whilst everyone else is sleeping. By the time everyone wakes up, you would have finished all you wanted to complete and have quality time to spend with family and friends!

4) Make future plans

It’s easier to come up with a plan and make goals happen if you write a list of aims you wish to meet, as well as steps to achieve these goals.

5) Time to video call those long distance relatives/friends

Time off work is the opportune moment to make time to call your relatives or friends that you don’t see often enough and it doesn’t have to be expensive. By video calling, you can be on a call for as long as you like, allowing you plenty of time for catch ups.

6) Be clutter free

Get your home, office and personal life in order by getting rid of clutter you’ve collected over time. De-cluttering your space will also help to de-clutter your mind!

7) Fancy online shopping?

More and more people prefer online shopping instead of wading through crowded stores. By ordering items online, it’s quicker, less stressful and you aren’t as encouraged to impulse buy!

8) Stay on top of your work

Schedule in time to complete bits of your work you need to do before returning to school. By doing a little each day, this will help you keep up to date without it seeming too much.

9) Make advance reservations

Avoid disappointment by being organised and booking reservations in advance. That way, you’ll know there will always be a place for you and everything will go as planned.

10) Exercise, exercise, exercise!

During a holiday, it is more important to exercise as you have more spare time, as well more time to munch on those delicious goodies you may have received throughout the school term! You’ll not only feel fitter from exercising but also happier and de-stressed.

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