22 Trick to become a Keyboard Ninja

Using keyboard shortcuts can increase your efficiency levels when using your computer whether you are browsing the internet or using Microsoft application etc. Many of us know and use some shortcuts already but were you aware of all 22?!

Due to computer technology improving year after year, this has allowed us to have an increased number of tabs, screens and windows on our computer. Keyboard shortcuts are proving to be very useful as using the mouse can be more time consuming when searching through a number of applications.

Using the above shortcuts not only speeds things up but also reduces the risk of knocking your coffee over when reaching for the mouse! How many times have you NEARLY done that eh?!

So, why not learn the above keyboard shortcuts to impress those around you with your quick computing skills and to help you become an amazing keyboard ninja!

Which keyboard shortcuts are your favourite?!

For more information, please visit the following link: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/22-tricks-that-can-make-anyone-keyboard-ninja.html

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