2015 New Year Teaching Resolutions

It’s still not too late to make a New Year resolution! Do you need some inspiration?! Why not try something different in 2015 to continually improve your teaching career. Here are a few ideas to help:-

1) Improve your teacher parent relationship:-

• You may do this by making a positive phone call to parents and informing them with good news regarding their child.
• Safely utilise social media by creating a school page or class hashtag and invite parents to follow for regular informal updates

2) Use humour in the classroom:-

• Bring the laughs and lighten up the learning by using certain strategies. Laugh at yourself (when you do something silly), include amusing topics in tests, homework or class assignments
• Have an area to show one or two cartoons a day on a rotating basis with children being allowed to choose what to display (if they have behaved well that day of course!)
• Have “Joke Friday” – ask students to bring in a joke to share with the class
• Ask students to share books they find funny

3) Utilise the HEAR strategy by teaching students the following approach.

• Halt – Stop and listen to the person speaking
• Engage – Focus on the speaker, turn your head and face them so they know you are listening
• Anticipate – By listening you will absorb new information and learn to anticipate and respond if necessary
• Replay – By repeating the information out loud or in your head, this will help with understanding the topic

This strategy is an excellent technique to help students to listen more effectively.

4) Redesign your learning spaces:-

• Give your classroom a makeover and involve the children in the process. A visually pleasing learning space can allow children to develop well and appreciate the world around them. It can provide them with a home-like setting that feels like a good place to learn in.

For more information on all of the above, please visit the following links:-




So, what resolution will you choose for 2015?!

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