…And it Starts All Over Again….

I write this as I begin to consider this week’s Everest of marking, planning and organising that needs to be done before term begins again next week, and I feel oddly calm.  It is most disconcerting.  

I’m not sure whether I am just overly relaxed after a very pleasurable summer holiday of doing very little, or if I am perhaps just basking in the glory of entering into my first year as a fully-fledged teacher of all things media and film, but either way, I’m not going to think about it too hard in case my brain realises I’m on to it and switches to meltdown!

I wonder at this point whether it does in fact ever get any easier to go ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’?  Walking through any town or shopping centre, we are greeted by stationers, uniform stockists, book shops, shoe shops, bag shops (the list does indeed go on...) metaphorically shouting this capitalised phrase in our faces and reminding us of the impending doom that is the end of the summer holidays.  They give no consideration to the teachers who are holding onto the precious hours they have left before the days that have been punctuated with Pimms, are once again governed by the school bell and red pen, or pink for the less aggressive among us.

A very good friend of mine, and fellow teacher, has never been more confident that it doesn’t get any easier and in fact in her words, “it gets harder EVERY year!”  Another suggested that she tries not to complain when it gets towards the end, because there doesn’t appear to be any other job that gets this much holiday all in one hit, and it not be someone’s entire annual leave.  Which I suppose is a good way to look at it, but then as we all know, there doesn’t appear to be any other job quite like teaching does there?

Anyway, I better stop writing this and get on with some of this ‘To Do’ list, or I’m going to be hiding sheepishly behind my new pencil case on the first day back.

Good luck all.

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