Introducing EISAF (the Emotionally Intelligent Schools and Academies Forum)

I have visited hundreds of schools in the last four years, which has given me an incredible insight into the way they work. Having been a Headteacher myself, I had years looking at the school system from the inside, but now look back and realised that to a certain extent I had become institutionalised, following the ‘Ofsted agenda’ just like everyone else. 

Wow! What an education system I have now seen from an external perspective. The focus is on doing more with less resources, achieving higher grades to move the school up the performance table or squeezing every little bit of time in the school day to make sure those borderline students get the required results.

I worry that we have lost sight of the fact that we are a people industry and now serve only to complete task 1 before moving onto task 2, and so on. Leaders are being forced to drive staff and students harder than ever before. If you don’t mind the swearing, watch Billy Connolly’sI want it nowspeech on YouTube, you may just recognise someone you know in those 37 seconds.

With EISAF, it is a time for a new priority in education – the focus on you as a human being. Building self and social awareness is the key to a happy, fulfilled life because understanding the way we, and others, behave impacts on everything we do. It moulds the way we learn, teach, lead, govern and parent.  EISAF Schools recognise this. 

Chris Raymond, Packtypes Schools Director

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